Welcome to the first post from The Hub Grass. The site with the title that only those Disney Keenos in the know will get! This site will be a bit of a personal project of mine, for now, my next and most significant Walt Disney World trip is coming up in 2019. Not only will I be celebrating a big birthday, but I will also have family coming with and taking some my best friends in the world for their first visit. So this is big!

Hopefully Toy Story Land will be open and the big fingers crossed, Galaxy’s Edge, the Star Wars Land, which is what started this whole trip. Along the way, I want to share my planning ideas, top tips from someone who has visited more times than he can count and share news about Disney in general and more importantly, Walt Disney World.

The Hub Grass is your new Disney chillout zone, imagine sitting in the Hub and the Magic Kingdom on a sunny day, relaxing on the grass, watching the parades and the world pass by. This is the feeling we wish to share. Join us. Subscribe!