Should I Get a Fuel Rod?

Fuel Rods, the small, portable, exchangeable chargers available throughout Walt Disney World are a first of their kind. Available across the parks for around $30, these chargers come with unlimited swaps and all the cables you need to keep your mobile devices charged in a pinch. They also come with cables for you to recharge them yourself for when you take them home.

It is probably best described in the video below;


You are on the lookout for kiosks that look a little something like this;

Although they are very heavily themed depending on where you are, they all look roughly the same. As for the device itself, they are excellent if you have found yourself in a low battery situation without any other means of recharging. However, they probably won’t replace the external charger that you bought from outside. We have found, on our iPhones 6 and 7, it was adding somewhere between 40 and 50% charge off of one rod, with having to swap out to get even more. Personally, we feel the price of $30 is a little much for such results from one charge. For peace of mind, it is worth having one stashed away in your park bag, but have another charger as well as your main one. Fuel Rods are best used for emergency charging only, especially as Walt Disney World has recently announced that Customer Services will no longer charge your device for you.

Hopefully, in time, Fuel Rod will find ways to increase capacity on their devices will keeping with the fantastic idea of swapping them out.